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Fiction Factory


Formed: 1983

Died: 01 January 1987

Years Active: 80

Genres: Pop/Rock

Styles: New Wave, Punk/New Wave, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Pop/Rock

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The British band Fiction Factory are forgotten one-hit wonders. Best-known for the Depeche Mode-ish single "(Feels Like) Heaven," Fiction Factory wrote soulful, melancholic pop songs illuminated by danceable synthesized rhythms and funky bass lines. Heaven 17 was an obvious influence; however, the deep, ardent vocals of Kevin Patterson easily challenged any charges of plagiarism. Featuring Patterson, Chic Medley (guitars), Graham McGregor (bass), Eddie Jordan (keyboards), and Mike Ogletree (drums, percussion), Fiction Factory released their deb...


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Throw The Warped Wheel Out

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