New Musik


Formed: 1977

Died: 01 January 1982

Years Active: 80

Genres: Pop/Rock, Avant-Garde

Styles: Synth Pop, New Wave, Punk/New Wave, Power Pop, Experimental Electronic, Modern Composition

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New Musik's near-total lack of commercial acceptance is one of the great mysteries of early-'80s pop. Their music, rooted in classic pop songwriting but with a forward-looking interest in shiny electronics, is both instantly accessible and coolly forbidding. This dichotomy is most clearly expressed in the split between group leader Tony Mansfield's melodies, which are hummable, welcoming, and often quite bouncy, and his lyrics, which even Joy Division's Ian Curtis might have sometimes found a little too alienated. New Musik formed in 1977, gro...


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