Cloud Nothings



Years Active: 2000

Genres: Pop/Rock

Styles: Lo-Fi, Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Rock, Noise-Rock, Art-Rock/Experimental, Noise Pop, Indie Pop

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The sunny, raw sounds of Cloud Nothings come from an enigmatic Clevelander named Dylan, who formerly made music under the name of Cat Killer. Like many lo-fi artists of the late 2000s (particularly Wavves, Women, and Neon Tongues), Dylan took interest in reviving cassette culture, releasing his singles on tape and embracing a maxed-out recording technique in his blissful music. Cloud Nothings’ eight-song debut, Turn It On, was released in a limited run of 50 CDs and 100 cassettes in 2009. Those songs and those from 2010 EP were collected on C...


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