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Electrik Red


Formed: 2005

Years Active: 2000

Genres: R&B, Pop/Rock, Electronic

Styles: Contemporary R&B, Hip-Hop/Urban, Dance-Pop, Dance, Club/Dance, Pop, AM Pop

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Upfront, pop-oriented R&B group Electrik Red are based in Los Angeles but involve four vocalists of varying backgrounds: Kyndra "Binkie" Reevey, from Harlem; Lesley Lewis, of West Indian descent, from Brooklyn; British-Canadian and Jamaican Naomi Allen, from Toronto; and fellow Torontonian Sarah Rosete, whose roots are Swedish, Filipino, and Russian. Prior to their jump-start as recording artists (they formed the group in 2005), the women worked together as dancers -- three of them toured with Usher, and all four were in the video for Ciara's "...


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How To Be A Lady Vol. 1

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So Good (single)

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